Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kim's Introduction

We can do it, yes we can! Wait, what are we trying to do? Optimism is great folks, but I don't want to overextend. We're...what? Wait, really? We're trying to do ALL of Fall/Holiday PCCX? Umm...ok, I guess I can try.

Wait....WHAT?!? FINISH??

It's official, Amanda has lost her mind!

Why must Amanda decide to do this when I have full-time college classes and taking care of my father while he's suffering from oral cancer? Because she's cruel and insane and optimistic...all the reasons why I love her ;)

Anyways, I'm Kim from Michigan. Old at 39, married (to Eric for 9 years), 3 boys (Kelly 22, Kris 19 and Jordan 15) and also an adorable granddaughter (Bryanna, 2). Unlike most in the group, I don't have diapers to change or toddlers to deal with. However, I do have a very sick father that we live with who is suffering from oral cancer and is a type 2 diabetic. A good part of my day has become being caregiver for him.

So, it looks like my day will look something like this:

3 hours of driving/radiation therapy
2 hours psych homework (this will change in October to another class)
2 hours geography homework (this will change in October to another class)
1 hour regular housework
  • 1 load of laundry minimum daily
  • Rumbles daily
  • 1 hour cook/eat dinner
3 hours television - HEY! I like my escape, okay? Prime time is looking awesome this year
30 minutes of pccx and maybe a little during commercials of tv viewing
30 minutes of cardio daily because I really need to lose at least 25 pounds before 2010

It looks like my youngest son Jordan will be helping quite a bit LOL I don't have time for other appointments and such, but I'll figure it all out somehow!

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