Monday, September 21, 2009

Champing at the bit

(Because I'm the insecure perfectionist that I am, I first Googled that phrase to make double-dog sure I was right (I was).)

In a perverse sort of way I wish it were next week, or that PCCX started today. I look around the house and SO much needs to be done, desperately. Part of me wants to dive in and start somewhere - anywhere - and move on from that spot only after it is DONE. But DONE involves tasks only found on the PCCX list. I don't want to start early; that's cheating. And I don't want to just do a half-assed swipe of the problem areas (as in, every square inch of the place) and face the same thing tomorrow. So, in a quandary I sit, and do nothing. Yeah, yeah, every little bit helps. And yeah, yeah, something has to be done even if it has to be redone. I just can't wrap my overwhelmed little brain around either option at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow will be better, after 4 hours of premiere television and some medication.

Oh, I posted a series of "before" pictures in the links list at the right. In the interest of full disclosure, these are actually pictures taken immediately prior to LAST Fall's PCCX. Aside from some minor furniture placement changes, it is all, sadly, about the same.

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