Monday, September 28, 2009

The 1st Day of PCCX

I feel like a kid on the 1st day of school. I have all my papers together. I have a list prepared for the week. I've already informed Jordan (my son) that he will be helping daily. I am just itching to start but secretly know that the newness of it all will wear off quickly LOL

I know I'm like this with the beginning of every pccx. But I honestly think I can finish this time. Granted Dad has radiation 5 times a week and I have a ton of homework, but if I'm disciplined enough, I can do it!

I'd keep on blogging, but I have a serious amount of work to do today!

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  1. I too woke up ready and willing, but am now probably burned out, forgot the slow and steady I attacked my living room and got 1/2 done. Looks better, but will I be ready and willing (oops, I forgot able), to do it again tomorrow? My back hurts from moving furniture, but my determination will keep me moving forward. Looking at the clean 1/2 of my LR makes me smile. so that too will help me persevere.

    BTW, this is my 1st attempt at pccx

    Good luck all with your goals!