Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh brother

Well, there's nothing quite like a surprise visit from CPS to break one out of a housework malaise. Oh yeah, you read that right. A couple of hours ago a very nice lady (I can be objective) knocked on my door in response to an anonymous call about the state of my home. My home, which no one but family and Teresa have set foot in in months. Months. So...old call? Someone who's never seen the place? Who knows, who cares. She really was very nice and didn't go poking around at all, just said she'd come back Monday afternoon to make sure she could talk to all three of the older kids (since the girls are at school) and to give me a chance to pick up some before she took a look around. So we'll be "pre-cleaning" this weekend, which is good, will make it easier to do PCCX tasks with all the junk picked up. had to be *this* week? Sigh.

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