Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1 - Teresa

Well, day 1 didn't go exactly as planned. I'm seeing a trend here folks...

Got up yesterday morning expecting that we would make the trek up to the bus stop and I would come back and get to work. Didn't happen. Woke up late-ish, no time to make the bus so we opted to drive the short distance to school. Not sure exactly what made us so late but I have the feeling it was button care. If anyone reads this and doesn't know what I mean when I talk about "button care" please feel free to read my personal blog for more information. Anyway, she made it to school with just enough time to get to her class without being tardy.

Once I got back home I was set to get busy cleaning. Started with routine stuff and pretty much that 's all I got done. I stripped the bed, washed the sheets, tried to catch up on dishes (everyday occurence lately), made a meal plan for the week, and before I knew it it was time for me to go get her off the bus. Just a little side note here, I got really irritated when I went to the bus stop because there was a little ankle nipper dog there that wouldn't let me into the driveway so I could wait for the bus out of the road. Thankfully there is no traffic to speak of on our roads in town.

Homework happened next, then dinner, then it was time to put B to bed so I could watch my House and Trauma. Of course bedtime, as usual, didn't go smoothly either since again I had to do button care and make sure she got one of her Boost drinks. We're averaging 2 a day which is 1 less than what they want us to do. Insert heavy sigh here...

Well today is another day in the life so I'm off to see what I can accomplish. I'm hitting post on this without rereading because I'll try to edit it if I reread. Not a good thing since I won't get it posted if I do that. Bye All!

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