Monday, September 28, 2009

Teresa's Intro

Hi, I'm Teresa, single stay at home mom of an 8 year old daughter and a 20 year old daughter who is married and has a home of her own. We have a cat and dog who let us share their house, LOL, and an outside cat who adopted all of us.

I am probably the oldest blog contributor and should by all rights have all this cleaning and "housekeeping" stuff down but to be honest I don't have it down at all. Life has a way of keeping me off kilter most of the time. Currently, the curve ball that has been thrown my way is that my 8yo has just had a feeding tube button put in and we are still trying to get the routine care of it and the associated feedings incorporated into what little routine we had prior to this. My house is serving a dual purpose right now in that it is our home and is also a temporary storage place for my older daughters stuff that stayed when she left home. The house is small and there is no storage outside. There isn't very much space inside either so finding somewhere to put everything is a challenge.

Currently, my 20 year olds stuff is housed in the laundry room which also houses all of the "off season" things such as the fans we used during the summer. Because one of our heaters is in the laundry room and is totally blocked by stuff right now I am declaring the laundry room as my dungeon. I won't be able to totally clear it out unless I can find storage somewhere away from my home, but I do need to at least have access to the 2nd Dearborn heater in there for the coming winter months.

We rent this house so there won't be any major changes done during PCCX but hopefully I'll be able to at least do a thorough cleaning job on it. I will be posting pictures shortly so hang around and I'll give you the guided tour.

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