Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming Out of the Gloom

Damn, it's been longer than I thought since I posted here - and where is anyone else, btw?  I could run on for a while about this excuse or that, but I won't bother.  The fact remains that I haven't been doing what I should for months and now I'm trying to reverse the trend.

To that end, I have drafted my older children (8, 10, 13) to help me PCCX the house this summer.  Partly because the place is a DIS-AS-TER and partly because we all need an exercise in project completion and follow-through, I intend to run through the entire list to the extent that it is possible.  We won't be delving into repairs or redecorating because that's beyond the scope of time, skill, and finances at this point.  Here are the rules as I laid them out, in case anyone's interested:

  • They will get the first week of vacation off.  The project begins Monday, June 11.  That actually gives them a week and a half off, but I like starting neatly at the beginning of a week.
  • They have to each put in a total of 40 hours of work-time over the course of the project.  If we get going and haven't finished enough of the list for my satisfaction in that amount of time I will consider "overtime pay", but there is no compensation for less than the full 40 hours.
  • The 40 hours must be completed before the first of them (A) goes to camp in July.  Therefore the end of the project is Sunday, July 8 for a total length of 4 weeks.
  • For each of them who completes the project I am offering $100 cash to do with as they please, paid no later than the week before school starts, or by Sunday, August 19.  I'll have to save up in case I end up paying all 3 of them. :)
So that, in a nutshell, is my summer plan.  In amongst the cleaning we have the library program (2-3 times per week), almost daily trips to the pool, Chris's work schedule, regular chores, and other normal summer stuff.  I'll be blogging the progress along the way, of course.  In the meantime I have to work on getting - and then keeping - things picked up better.  Wish me luck.