Thursday, May 20, 2010


I sorta bailed on the whole cleaning concept there. I did get a few things accomplished, notably: E's room cleared out (see previous post), the girls' room rearranged and C's dresser *finally* in her own room, many carloads of trash (mostly empty boxes) taken to the dump, and clothing gone through and thinned out in a major way. But the place remains a sty, laundry remains a mountain, and there's more furniture issues than I care to count. And that's just inside the house; let's not get started on outside.

I would go to bed with the best of intentions for the following day, and then I would either wake up sick or Chris would take the day off and kill my plans. And then before I knew it it was the last week and I was out of time. Oh well. *fingers crossed* It's possible that the chronic nausea and heartburn that were making life miserable have been removed from the equation, or at the very least watered down significantly with last week's gallbladder surgery.

I'm thinking what I need right now is a back-to-basics movement. Something sort of opposite of the PCCX plan. One small, basic thing at a time, building one upon another until a bare bones routine is once again in place. I think I'll run that up the PCC flagpole and see if anybody salutes.