Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Day Before Hell...I Mean PCCX

So, yesterday I spent 8 hours of cleaning so I could take pics today. Don't judge me when you see the pictures! I'm a very busy person!!!

I've already warned Jordan (my 15 year old son) that he WILL be helping. I figure 30 minutes a day after school should suffice. This way, if I'm too busy, at least something will get done!

Here's my plan:
Finish a room every week...ROFL...I kill me. No seriously, I'm going to finish a room weekly and add the pics every Sunday night of the room that is completed.

I do have "kinks" in my cleaning. This is my father's house. We moved in with him last year to prevent him from losing the house. So there will be some things that I just can't do anything about. But, I will try...

My dungeon this time will be my bathroom. Yes, my bathroom. A huge assortment of bar soaps that nobody uses, shampoos, towels, lotions, etc need to be weeded out. I'm hoping to take anything unopened to the local battered woman's shelter.

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