Monday, September 28, 2009


Day 1 and I'm already behind. I spent too much time last night on my regular blog posts for the week, and I didn't want to stay up any later than I already was, so I didn't get properly prepped for today. I still don't have a working list for today, I still have posts to write, I still have paperwork to do, and at this rate it'll be lunchtime before I'm ready to get up and do anything.

You know what? Screw it. We did a lot of work this weekend, and except for a few places on the floor that I want to get cleaned all the "condemnable" bits got cleaned. If the place as it is now (minus those spots on the floor) isn't good enough, then I guess I'm not good enough. I have enough to do today without stressing about making things picture perfect. So my official cleaning goals for the day include half an hour on the floors, half an hour on my room, half an hour on dishes and dining room, and a couple loads of laundry. Given that, I can safely start whenever I finish the rest of this stuff.

So how about you? Are you prepared to start today, or even this week? What do you feel you need to do before you begin? 50 points for answering in the comments.

And to get us off on the right foot, 50 points for declaring a dungeon (take it if you've already done so or if you do it today), and another 50 for adding yourself to the database (ditto).


  1. Good lord, why oh why does everything happen when I am trying to do the PCCX. Up this morning to find out that I am locked out of my remote access for work, then school calls DD13's allergies are acting up. Okay deep breath, grab the zyrtec and the blue tooth. Drive to school while on hold and mentally go over my list for today. Where to start? Pictures, oh yeah definately pictures. I want proof. I want the gratification of seeing how bad it was. Okay back, picture check. Those are done. Dungeon is declared. Man, I still don't have access to remote. Oh well, more time to devote to PCCX right. I'll check back in later. Happy PCCX Everyone.

  2. Amanda, I saw your after pictures. You have done a wonderful job on your kitchen. It looks great. Congratulations! I am sure the nice CFS lady will appreciate your efforts.

    I am going along on this PCCX. I do have a question though. When you say everything (in an earlier post), do you mean every item on the list?!? Yikes!

    My dungeon is and continues to be my studio. Materials from my studio have migrated throughout the house, but there is no room for them in my storage areas. This has got to change! I will not be able to complete my dungeon, but I plan to make a dent in it.

    I just printed out the PCCX a few moments ago. I am off to read and plan!

  3. Yes, I really mean everything. Which is not to say that I *will* do everything, but I intend to *attempt* to do everything. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the kitchen - those aren't Afters, by the way, they're "In Progress", as I was only clearing and doing basic cleaning for now. As for what the nice CPS lady thinks...well, she'd have to show up to have an opinion. But that's a rant for another time. :)

    And Jennifer? Breathe. :)