Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ann's Intro and Plan of Attack

Hi all! I’m Ann, stay at home mom/step-mom of 5 children, ages 11, 8, 7, 4 and 4 months. I’ve been married to John since November 2008. We live in Ohio. We home school our 11 year old daughter, who has Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome and uses a wheelchair. Our 8 (who has Asperger's /ADHD) and 7 year old boys go to public school and our 4 yo daughter goes to a preschool where my husband works. Also, the children are in various extracurricular activities. Can you tell we're busy?

We’re in the process of trying to buy a larger house. So, it’s very likely that I’ll be pccx’ing (is that a word?) 2 houses at once. Granted the new house will be empty when I clean so that will probably help. Hopefully, this week I’ll know for sure what will be happening. Then I’ll be able to plan my attack a little better.

Drumroll, please!!!! My dungeon is…..the garage! Due to combining households, we have boxes of my stuff that hasn’t gotten unpacked yet. I’m still looking for my plates. I know they are out there somewhere. We’re using a mishmash of what my husband collected. I can’t wait to get matching plates again. Anyway, I must have the garage clean before winter sets in, which could be any time. We would really like to park the vehicles in there so we don’t have to trek through the snow to the house.

I think for this week, I’m going to work on the 2 bathrooms. They need a really, really deep cleaning and it will feel good to get them done. Besides, I’m pretty sure I can get both of them done in a week and still have time to find my dishes. Finally, I want to get my fall decorations put up even if I will have to change them to a different house.

Anyway, I’ve introduced myself, declared my dungeon, and made my goals for the week so I think I’ll end here for now. I’ll check in tomorrow---the 1st day of FALL PCCX!! Happy Cleaning all!!

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