Monday, October 5, 2009

What a lousy way to start

An entire week is over, and I have done NOTHING on the PCCX list. Ok, I sort of take that back. I did the first two holiday items and all but one of the bonus challenges. The one I missed? Get one PCCX item done by 9am...which I posted because I was in the bathroom that morning looking, once again, at the destroyed shower curtain hanging from the rod and the new one in the package on the shelf, where it's been for 2 MONTHS. So I thought if I made that a challenge I'd get right back in there and change it and have that done and not staring at me all the time. But noooooo. I left the bathroom and did all the usual morning stuff and the next thing I knew it was 11 and I hadn't done it. I kicked myself and cursed, but I STILL haven't changed the !#$%@! shower curtain. Wth is wrong with me?? That's it, I'm going to do it now. Please hold. Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy the hold music...


There, it's done. The new one doesn't have metal grommets. That's probably not good. I don't see it lasting the 4 1/2 years the other one (sort of) did. I'm also missing a ring. But it's changed. Here's proof (cuz y'all are nice trusting people, I'm sure, but if I were me I wouldn't necessarily trust me, if you follow me).

Before and After:

I don't think the Before picture quite does justice to the nastiness that it was.

So here's a bonus challenge for you:
Go, right now, and do something that you've been putting off for at least a week. It doesn't have to be PCCX related, but it can be. 150 bonus points for doing so.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I also got very little done on PCCX last week, except planning it out, doing a bit of dungeon work and doing some Christmas planning. Mind you, it was a busy week with tons of interruptions.

    Today, I got my butt in gear and have done several of the PCCX missions, but did them for the whole downstairs, rather than for one room. My main floor is not bad, except for the kitchen, the laundry closet and the linen closet. I will try to get all the general stuff done on the main floor this week and then spend a bit of extra time in the kitchen.
    Today I did the following downstairs: cleaned all windows (inside and out), mirrors, glass fronted cabinets, switch plates, door knobs and the like. As a bonus, I also thoroughly cleaned my stove top and oven. It looks so nice I don't want to cook on it and wreck it -- but I better go make dinner nonetheless.
    I hope things go better for you in the next few days, but at least you have this success to buoy you on to other successes.

  2. First I procrastinated going to the eye doctor to get a new rx for my contacts, then I procrastinated ordering the contacts once I got the rx LOL

    Finally ordered today! I'll be able to see the dirt better :D