Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Update

First a gripe of mine: My father likes to garden. Which is all fine and dandy. Except he got sick in June, so he really hasn't done much in the garden this year. However, he did plant 2 tomato plants and put up 2 Topsy Turvy planters. Can I just say this is WAY too many tomatoes when only 2 people in the house eat them??? I can't stand them, so I avoid cooking with them as much as possible!!! Let's just say they will be going to the compost pile tomorrow:

Rotten Tomatos

So anyways...
Saturday began pretty well. I was alternating between homework and housework. 30 minutes of psychology reading, 30 minutes of cleaning. Then, around 2:30 p.m., my dear husband calls me over to look at a house on the Flip This House t.v. show. The entire house had 2-3 feet of garbage in every room. Cats, rats and cockroaches throughout. I sat down and said "Okay, I can sit for 30 minutes to watch the rest of this." As it ended, the show Hoarders began. I've seen a few clips on it, but was intrigued to see this episode about a couple that lost their children due to the amount of stuff accumulated and their attempt to clean out the house and get the kids back. Then another Hoarders show began. The next thing I knew, it was 1 a.m.

Today I decided I was going to alternate my time again. But absolutely NO television watching until prime time (which will actually only be 2 shows tonight: Drop Dead Diva and Brothers and Sisters)

The house is clean and I've read quite a bit today, but I'm currently only at 70% of my day. I'm sure I can break 100% of my points before I go to bed tonight. If you're unclear what points are, visit the PCC group.

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  1. We had 4 Topsy Turvys and got all of 4 tomatoes. I love the *idea* of gardening, but I kill everything. :(