Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Month Begins

Yesterday was just a horrible day for me, I couldn't concentrate. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep...

New goal: Get to bed by midnight. HA! That's gonna be a hard one!!! But, I'll at least try taking a sleeping pill for about a week and see if I can change my circadian rhythm and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Like everyone else in the world, I'm wondering how its October already. The good news is that October means that we're getting closer to the finish line of Dad's radiation. At least, that's what the doctors are saying for now. Yesterday the oncologist increased the number of sessions from 35 to 38 and says a couple of additional may be needed on top of that, but we won't know until we're near that point. Yesterday was session #20. Originally we were told 30, so we'll see. October also means I'm nearing the end of the 2 classes I'm currently taking and 2 new ones will start. Which is excellent, because I'm already tired of these classes LOL It'll be nice to have classes and not lose 3-4 hours a day because of Dad's radiation/drive.

Looking forward to the season premiere of Private Practice tonight and encourage all women to watch the new show "The Middle" with Patricia Heaton on ABC. Check their Web site at to view the show online - its hilarious!

Off to the daily grind...

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