Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter PCCX----Better and Bigger This Time Around

Well, I disappeared in the Fall and didn't re-surface until the New Year. However, I'm back now with a PASSION! A passion to get a clean house, a passion to get boxes unpacked, a passion to meet goals!!!

The Better part-----
I want to achieve PCCX or at least more of it this time. I want to do better. I quit after the 1st week last time because I didn't know if we were moving or not and I got frustrated and depressed waiting to find out. This time I don't have that excuse.

The Bigger part-----
We moved into a bigger house, a MUCH bigger house. I don't know how in the world I'll ever get/keep it clean. I counted 20 areas in the house that need to stay clean/organized. We literally doubled the area. That's not counting the garage, barn or dh's wood shop or work shop, the garden or any of the yard. What was I thinking when we bought this house? I know, I was thinking that we love it and we will finally have room for everyone. It's been a great move. I just think I need to hire a couple of maids. Yeah right. LOL

Anyway, I want to make our new home a peaceful, relaxing haven. I am determined to do that and PCCX will help me get there. I plan on working hard during each one this year and by the end of the year, I can say I met my goals.

Who's ready to work with me?


  1. I'm in Ann. I'm with Kim, the new year really starts Monday. :)

  2. I agree with Amanda and Kim on the new year starting on Monday. My mentality tells me that if I have any hope of doing things it will be after B goes back to school. I hope to leave the gates like a banshee from you know where. I am tired of living in a place where "stuff" has more room than I do. Count me in!