Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It can't be a bust already

I'm sensing a general lack of enthusiasm for PCCX this round. I don't know if it's the season or what, but I think all of us are having "issues" keeping us off track. But you know what? I refuse to give up already. There's more than half of the run time left, it's early in the week, it's way early in the year, and it's far too early to call anything quits. So what if I was in a week-long bi-polar funk concurrent with a bout of the stomach flu? So what if nearly everyone in my house has been sick in the last 2 weeks? So what if I haven't had a single day with everyone out of the house like they're supposed to be? That's changing, and it's changing NOW. Ok, tomorrow. Right now I have a nasty pain across the base of my neck that's seriously limiting my desire and ability to do most physical work. I hope to sleep that off and ship everyone off to school and work in the morning and get some actual work done around here.

Speaking of tomorrow, Celeste and I have declared Clean Your Ceiling Fan Day. She said one fan/fixture, I'm saying all of them - 5 in my case. According to the PCCX file, ceiling fans count for 75 points each, PLUS 10 points for each glass flute things over the bulbs. What are those called? Anyway, 10 per plus 75 for the rest of the fixture. I suppose if you wanted to wash your actual bulbs too they'd be another 10 a piece, but make sure they've been off a good long while so they're cold, and completely dry before you put them back in. AND, for participation in CYCFD I'll offer double points for any ceiling fans cleaned Wednesday, January 20!

If you're on track with PCCX, or holding your own with daily chores, or keeping up with homework, or in any other way in good shape right now, my most sincere congratulations. Leave a comment and toot your own horn; I want to hear some inspiring examples! If you're trailing, feel like you're failing, or even drowning, heads up. It's time. Time to pick yourself up out of the mental ditch and get back on the road. You - we - may be still at the beginning of the path, we may have even backtracked, but the road is still open and the journey laid out ahead of us. Take the first step and the rest will follow.

Anyone ever notice how I suddenly turn into a motivational speaker - and a bad one - when I'm coming up from a funk? Sorry 'bout that.

P.S. We miss you Kim. :)

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