Monday, October 31, 2011


As usual, I start something and then it's 4 days later and nothing else has been done.  So, Thursday I did start in the bathroom, but I didn't get very far.  I dealt with about 2 square feet in the back corner between the toilet and the tub.  My "after" looks like a normal person's "gee, this hasn't been cleaned in months, I'd better get on it."

In my (minimal) defense, a large part of that is issues we inherited with the house, like lousy caulking that won't come clean no matter what I do, and a floor that is a project unto itself.  There were 3 layers of linoleum in there when we moved in.  The bottom one is cemented to the wood floor and after trying to scrape it up I gave up about a foot into the door.  There's no removing that stuff short of a sander or new planks.  Above that was another layer, and above that linoleum tiles.  The tiles were relatively easy to get up, and the middle layer only a little more difficult.  This back corner had never been finished though, so I had two layers to remove.  I have tiles I bought years ago but don't know if they will help or if I can put them down any better than this bottom layer is.  Anyway, while I was down there I cleaned the bottom of that side of the toilet and tried to clean that seam between tub and floor and about then my back and knees decided there would be no more of that.

The weekend blew by uselessly.  Today I'm back on soon as I eat something.

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