Monday, December 5, 2011

Bah - November Recap

There's very little I can do right lately.  Not only did I fail to report progress or lack thereof leading up to our Thanksgiving visitors' arrival, I didn't actually do much of anything.  We managed to make the place slightly less embarrassing, but that's about the best I can say.  Oh well, they weren't here to see the house, and they didn't spend a lot of time here anyway.  It was a good visit and a great meal - other than the cherry pie taking a header off the dessert table.  Something has to go wrong, right?

So, about the month of November...I never did an October recap and it's certainly too late now.  It's almost too late for November for that matter, but I'll do it anyway, because I feel like it. :)

10 - days I actually tracked points
4 - days over 4,000 points - all of which were the weekend (Fri-Mon) before Thanksgiving
46,880 - points earned all month
2 - high school football games attended - 1 over an hour away
2 - major video game releases
2 - movie premieres attended
2 - out-of-town visitors
19 - blog posts - none of them here because I suck like that
6,153 - emails and RSS posts read and deleted
0 - birthdays to celebrate
3 - dr. appointments
3 - books read
7 - school and church functions
$26.49 - earned from rebates and surveys

That's about all I can come up with right now.  Yay November.

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