Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goals, New and Old

So let's see...a month ago I said this:

Specific tasks to complete:
Get my sort-of-secret project up and running
Get up to speed on the holiday planner
Finish any one section of PCCX cleaning
Write a minimum of 4 HK101 essays

Yeah...not so much.
That project - progress has been made, but it's not finished.  It NEEDS to be, NOW.
Holiday planner - not looked at.  Winged it for A's birthday.
PCCX cleaning - I barely did any daily cleaning.
HK101 essays - not a one.

So that was a waste of perfectly good goals.  Most of those I forgot I even made.  Let's strive to do better in October, shall we?

  1. Have a functioning business site and marketing materials dispersed.
  2. Prepare for Halloween before 10/27.
  3. Daily rumbles regularly - at least 1 week's streak by end of month.
  4. Dial down expectations - 1 HK101 essay.
  5. 4 lbs. lost.
That will do for now.  I'm also setting a reminder to look at these daily so I don't forget and blow them off.

Who's got a goal for October?

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