Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals

I have 2 basic goals for the month: consistency and improvement.  Vague enough for ya?

I want to start with consistent record-keeping.  I want to have complete POAs and food/exercise diaries for every day of the month.  Even if I didn't do anything, or I ate way too much, I want a record.  Am I going to do everything on my POA every day?  Uh, no.  Even if I tried I'm not sure I could. Well, I *could*, but I'd never get that far on my current energy and health level.  That's a goal for another time.  It is enough right now for me to know how much I *am* doing on a fairly regular basis, and to work on improving upon that amount.

Speaking of improvement:
I want to have a higher points per day average than last month.  I want the house to be cleaner at the end of the month than it is now - by which I specifically mean having it picked up enough to really *clean* on a regular basis.  I want to see progress on the scale and other measurements of health and fitness.  I want to spend less time on pain-killers and more time up doing things (not a whole lot I can control about that, except that if that last goal is met it should help).

Specific tasks to complete:
Get my sort-of-secret project up and running
Get up to speed on the holiday planner
Finish any one section of PCCX cleaning
Write a minimum of 4 HK101 essays

That'll do for now.  My POA is full of other things to do daily, weekly, monthly, and once.  I will have plenty to do in September.

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