Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 & 1/2 Months Later

Yep, it's been over 5 months since I've posted which I just happened to notice because of Amanda's new post, so I'm posting an update and a few goals for the month of September.

I ended up slacking on the decluttering process back in April because I'd started college classes. Last week I'd finally decided that I was going to just have the garage sale with what I'd already decluttered and attempt to go through the garage as well (which I did). I'm pretty sure I sold well over 500 items, leaving me with 2 totes, a box and a rack of coats.

During the month of September, I plan to:
  • Sort through the garage sale items and sort to donate or sell online.
  • Drop off donation items
  • Post items online for sale
  • Scrub the shower & tub (I hate hard tub is a "goldenrod" color (5 points if you know that color) and I'd like to see it white again
  • Attempt to remove the paint from carpet in bedroom with goof off (pointless but going to try anyways)
  • Begin job
  • Start new college classes
  • Clean out filing cabinet
I *intend* to post before/after pics now that I have a memory card reader again.

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