Friday, November 20, 2009

PCCX, Fall 2009, Retrospective

Yeah, yeah, there's 2 more days left. I gave up about a week ago. Oh believe me, I have plenty of excuses - reasons - why this week has been an utter downer, but this is neither the place nor time for whining. Positives, no failures, remember? (Yeah, I forgot too until I saw that post when I went to write this one.)

Ok, so, the last 8 weeks. I do have some minor triumphs, some details that I probably wouldn't have bothered with if not for PCCX nipping at my heels.
  • I defrosted my freezer and cleaned the inside of my refrigerator.
  • I reorganized and cleaned the inside of my pantry.
  • I dusted - although not well - the ceiling fan in the kitchen that hadn't been probably since it was installed.
  • I completely cleaned and organized a two-sided wall unit between my living room and dining room, flinging and dusting movies and books galore.
  • I cleaned my curio cabinet and flung a couple of figurines.
  • I replaced my shower curtain, which desperately needed it.
  • I have all of my Christmas cards and photo gifts purchased and in hand.
  • I have my Thanksgiving holiday menu and timeline resurrected, refined, and shopping list made.
  • I have made a concerted effort - at considerable expense - to keep laundry from completely overtaking the house.
  • I cleared and cleaned the unused side of my kitchen counter, though it is covered by small appliances - but there's no help for that and they are each usable from their current location.
  • I washed 2/3 of the walls in the back hallway.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh, we all got new bedding and towels, but that had nothing to do with me, it was an early Christmas present from mom. But you know, that's a longer list than I thought I have when I started this post. I'll take it.

It wasn't a grand, or even a moderate success. But it was a little something I wouldn't have done without this process. So I'm glad I tried it, and I'm glad we shook things up a little even if I dropped the ball in the home stretch. And if you'll forgive me, I think I'll still post here on occasion, on pseudo-related topics. What the heck, right? Give me some place to make all my grand plans for the New Years PCCX in January. :)


  1. So this was round one.....we'll use it for future rounds too if everybody wants to do that. I'll even try to make a strong effort to post more than twice next time okay?

  2. Hey, there's still 48 hours, give or take a few - post away. ;)

  3. Good job A! Every little step is a step towards progress! January's pccx should be a bit easier since we'll have all those new goals for the year fresh on the brain!

    Sorry, did I use too many exclamation points?!?