Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Excuses, Excuses~!!!

For me it is one excuse after the other so that I do not have to clean this house. I don't know if it is because I don't get to leave the house very much or if its just laziness. But nonetheless, I hate to move off the couch most days. It seems like the morning is horrible for me in the energy area. But yet in the evening when I "Feel" like cleaning, I can't because the kids are home and we are doing homework, dinner, baths...etc. to keep me from working. I also feel guilty when I do not clean because I AM here all day and I shouldn't have an excuse for not cleaning. Yet, when my wonderful, hard working husband comes home to this nasty house, I have to make up a reason why I didn't move off my lazy tail all day long. It seems like the more I try the worse I get.

My house is not in shambles by any means...but I DO need to clean daily and I can't seem to ever get there. I may do the same stuff almost daily, but not everything I need to do. I know it is possible because I used to do it 2 yrs ago. I got up and drilled with you all and my house stayed clean, and that was with kids home. So not doing it now with no kids home, makes no sense to me. It is like I have gotten selfish of my alone time. I am not a selfish person normally. But yet it seems I cannot get past this. Does anyone else experience this?

If it wasn't for you ladies and our drilling, I would never do anything...EVER!

For some reason when we make lists, play "games" or something of the kind...I am able to actually move. I guess it just motivates me somehow.

I am hoping to get into a better routine. I plan on making a list at night...I have never understood the points keeping and POA and PODA thing. But I am thinking it might help me get motivated and help me move at least some daily.

I am asking if anyone would be willing to invest time in showing me how to use it and help me understand it? If so, let me know. If not, then I will figure another way out. Thanks!!

This blogging thing could become addicting...:)


  1. It is (addicting), isn't it? :)

    *putting on my best History Channel narrator voice*

    The modern POA has evolved from humble beginnings as simple text lists to the complex and often daunting files in a variety of platforms that we see today. Points themselves have become simultaneously more specialized and all-encompassing. The pivotal point in this format shift has been traced to...

    *putting away narrator voice*

    ...well, me. All the complications and ridiculous number of items and formulas are all my fault. I'm sorry. Now, I'll be happy to spell things out and help you figure out what will be useful to you, as my way of making up for the trouble. ;)

  2. Good thing..cause you lost me at modern POA!~ Hehe!!!!

  3. Yes well you see, the original POA began as a simple list of things to do and the amount of points that each was worth.

    And then Amanda learned how to use Excel and how to create numerous formulas to do the math automatically.

    The "modern POA" is a list of assorted chores on assorted worksheets all in one file.

    Confusing doesn't even begin to describe it for the amateur. LOL

  4. Sad thing is..I took a computer class in college and "Taught" me how to use excel. Sadly, I don't remember a whole lot...LOL But I am familiar with it at least. :)

  5. Alright, that's it. Whole new post a'comin'.

    P.S. I'll have you know I taught myself Excel years before PCC was founded. :P