Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/2 Month Check In

Well, it's the middle of the month and I haven't even posted pictures. I've had the pictures taken since the first week, I just haven't gotten them off the camera. Talk about lazy!!

Anyway, as far as the update. I'm rather embarrassed because all that I've done so far is have the kids undecorate the Christmas tree. It's still sitting naked in the game room, though. The toys in there have been picked up and spilled about over and over since the beginning too. Other than that, nothing looks different, unfortunately.

I did find out that in the middle of February, I'll be having a group of teens over for a game night for my daughter so I have to get busy working on this room, plus the rest of the house to make everything presentable.

It's time to kick it into high gear and get some things accomplished. Hopefully, I can do more in the next 2 weeks than I did in the last.

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