Monday, January 2, 2012

Not Much to Say

I don't have a lot to say about December.  I quit tracking anything on the 18th.

There was Christmas of course.  Baking got put off until the last minute, but it did get done (unlike the last 2 years).  Packages for out of state friends and family went out at the last second also and cost a fortune to make it before Christmas.  Things generally went pretty well; the kids made out like bandits as usual.  They each had at least $70 cash/Target gc to spend when all was said and done, on top of presents under the tree.

Then I kind of took the last week off.  Christmas was over but it wasn't 2012 yet, and psychologically I wanted to start anything new on the 1st, no earlier.  So I didn't do much of anything besides get all the Christmas decorations and everything else boxed up nicely.  Now if Chris would just get the boxes out of the dining room...

Just to be moderately consistent:

18 - days tracking points
73,955 - points earned
4,109 - average points per day tracked
659,218 - total points earned in 2011
1 - injury (Chris put a knife through his finger unwrapping a toy.)
3 - dr. appts.
8 - Christmas events
11 - days off school
5 - UIL ribbons and medals won
1 - movie premiere (Sherlock Holmes was really good.)
$216.34 - total cost of Christmas gifts and cards (including shipping and postage)
8,067 - emails deleted
3 - books read
12 - blog posts

So there's the last month of 2011.  It wasn't a stellar year, but we all made it through to the other side.  Here's to 2012. *clink*

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